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I heard about Arashido…

I heard about Arashido through my wife as several of her friends were in the cardio kickboxing classes. I always heard how good the workout was and how intense the instructor was. I decided to

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I joined Arashi-do in my 40’s…

I joined Arashi-do in my 40’s… and admittedly it was, and continues to be, a great physical and mental challenge. Renshi Trevor Clarke and the Arashi-do team provide an active and dynamic training environment. Renshi

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My kids have learned so much

My kids have learned so much from this program and they have a lot of great memories and trophies that they can hold on to. I joined Arashi-do in my 40’s and admittedly it was,

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Hey Monette & Trevor,

Hey Monette & Trevor, I would like to thank you for the work you have done over the past couple years with Eric (my girlfriend son). He is a different kid than when I first

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