An Arashi-Do Karate School

At Arashi-Do we have been teaching traditional Shotokan Karate classes for over 30 years. Our structured and progressive curriculum is designed to progressively build your technical skills, fitness, coordination, strength and agility. Perfect for both beginner Karate students and students with previous experience, our full-time professional Karate instructors know how to help you grow into a well-rounded Karate black belt. You will learn traditional Karate skills and practical self-defense techniques in schools that are fully equipped to provide you with a safe and fun training environment.

Karate is great exercise and it will make you stronger both physically and mentally. Whether you are just starting out or you are ready to compete, our Shotokan Karate classes appeal to both recreational and competitive martial arts students. You will learn traditional Karate skills while our professional instructors pass on the values that have always been associated with Karate- courage, respect, determination, and relentless spirit.

Why Choose Arashi-Do Karate?

Very professional and wonderful programs for kids to adults. Each child gets the attention they need and they come out with a great sense of confidence in their abilities. The staff there have a high level of skills and they pass their knowledge onto their students. I would highly recommend Arashido to anyone.


Little Dragons
(Ages 4-7)

This introductory Karate program is a terrific starting point for young students to begin their martial arts journey. Little Dragons will develop concentration, physical skills and a positive attitude while learning basic Karate techniques. Our acclaimed children’s Karate programs emphasize personal development, physical fitness and self-defense training in safe and fun classes taught by professional instructors.

Children’s Karate
(Ages 8-14)

Our fun, high energy traditional Shotokan Karate children’s class combines structure, and discipline with technique and skill. Students will learn balance, coordination, flexibility and agility, as well as physical fitness and self-defence. Our unique program will help bully proof your child, while developing self-confidence, concentration and self-discipline, in a fun and exciting environment. Children’s Karate is great for exercise, self-defense and fun!

Adult Karate
(Ages 15-105)

The Arashi-Do Adult Karate program emphasises overall physical fitness, as well as building traditional Shotokan Karate skills and techniques. Whether you are trying Karate for the first time, returning to a once-loved sport or you have never stopped, our safe and fun classes are perfect for all skills and fitness levels. Taught by professional instructors, you will be challenged mentally and physically while relieving stress and making new friends.

Sensei Ashley

Black Belt Club
(Ages 15-105)

In our children’s Black Belt Club, advanced karate students will have the privilege of learning traditional martial arts weapons and advanced self defense techniques as well as competing for a place on our demonstration/leadership teams.

Black Belt Karate

Learn. Train. Excel.

Martial Arts excellence for 35+ years


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