Specialty Programs

Arashi-Do Martial Arts offers special and unique classes at our individual schools that are offered outside of the regular curriculum. These programs include Fitness Bootcamps, Summer Camps, Weapons Classes, Preschool Martial Arts; and many more. Often these programs are run seasonally, have limited spots available and are usually exclusive to a single location.

Stay in touch with updates on these exclusive classes by contacting your local school, bookmarking this page and checking back frequently.

Why Choose Arashi-Do?

Phenomenal gym with tremendous instructors. Lots of different types of classes available during different times (evening or lunch) so you can make your way to the gym one way or another. Classes are a big of mix beginners, intermediates and advanced. Instructors does a good job of making sure that everybody is practicing their trade at the correct level with right pairings. Coming from a competitive soccer and boxing background, I can tell you that a Muay Thai class is one of the best workouts you can get (those BJJ students looks like they are sweating lots right before us as well). If you are a beginner like me who is looking for a quality gym to start Muay Thai, look no where else. Teaches you a lot of about yourself and toughens you up mentally and physically.

Learn. Train. Excel.

Martial Arts excellence for 35+ years


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