Summer is traditionally a time of exploration, loose bedtimes, warm nights and cool (hopefully) mornings, vacation and playing! Summer is game nights, family camping, roasted marshmallows and star gazing, and more than anything else it is that time when you can let go of some of the stresses of everyday life and relax. Summer is also one of the best times to start your martial arts journey!

Why should you take the time and effort to start your child(ren) or yourself in martial arts during the summer? Excellent question! Usually, summertime is time off from routine and “classes”. However, there are very distinct advantages to starting in the summer.

Here are just 5 of them:

1) Summer in a dojo is usually less intense and has smaller classes. Smaller class sizes and a slightly more relaxed atmosphere in the dojo, give new students an opportunity to gain firm footing in the class and to enjoy getting to know their classmates and instructor during this time of year.

2) Summer is time off but it is also an opportunity to start something that would normally get lost in the crowd of school year activity. Start in the summer and have a head start on the fall in fitness, skills, and making new friends.

3) Martial arts schools sometimes offer specialty classes or opportunties within a class that they do not plan for the regular year. Weapons, fun outdoor activities, incorporating new equipment into the class; this is a great place to learn a diversity of skills and be exposed to new and exciting techniques.

4) Martial arts in and of itself fosters personal growth; confidence, focus, awareness, and thinking skills are part and parcel of the martial arts experience. Summer allows this to be a time of discovery and recovery, learning and rest, and grants the time to incorporate new found skills and understandings for each individual before they head back into the September-June grind. 

5) Energy! Work off extra energy and sleep better while engaging thinking and physical skills at the same time! Energize the mind and invigorate the body.

There are a host of reasons to start martial arts at any time; whether for your self or for your children, it is always time to start. Each season has particular reasons and summertime is an outstanding time to start. Set yourself and/or your children on a martial arts journey this summer that will have a positive impact for years to come!

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