Wonderful Blog Article on Courage Written By a Sherwood Park Student

This article was posted to a blog run by a student at our Sherwood Park school. It is several stories in one; it is a story of self discovery, of the ability to go beyond self imposed limits, it is about struggle, of self-doubt, and of overcoming. It is the story of someone recognizing fear for what it is and fighting back at it each and every day. It is inspiring and it is all of us.

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Quickly, follow the unknown with something more familiar.

Courage is an interesting concept. I think a lot of people associate courage with brave or substantial acts that put the courageous person in harm’s way. For me, courage is much smaller than that. It is the thing that gets benched when fear steps onto the field. With fear in the spotlight, there was no room for courage, so it sat patiently and waited for that time when it could break free of all others and score the winning whatever (I don’t watch sports, so use your imagination). And it sat there a long time, waiting for that fear to take a much needed water break so it could jump up and say, I’m ready coach! Last year, I benched fear a few times, and let’s just say that my ego was not impressed. What was this unfamiliar feeling? Courage? Back on the bench! So fear reigned.

You can Read The Rest of Meagan’s post on her blog!

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