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Some of our Reviews:



Trevor is one of a kind, he gave Grayson a belief in himself and a confidence through his example and training. 




I started my oldest son in karate last year for 2 reasons. The first reason was Nicolas was having trouble with his speech, as many children do, but along with speech therapy I wanted to ensure I was instilling as much confidence in my child as possible. I knew the speech would come but kids can be cruel and I wanted to ensure that Nicolas had as much self confidence as possible and I believe that martial arts, specifically karate, in this case can enhance self esteem. Nicolas has come a long way in the last year and much has improved but he is so proud of his achievements in karate. He has had 3 belt promotions and has even taken his current belt to show his kindergarten class for his show and tell class. Both Sensei Trevor and Sensei Lauren are extremely helpful and supportive with all the children but specifically never made a ‘big deal’ of Nicolas’s pronunciation of words. Actually, even one day which I will never forget ( I’m sure Sensei Trevor doesn’t remember) he even called out another student for laughing at my son. I also truly appreciated the class on bullying! I knew from then on that this was the Dojo that Nicolas was meant to be at. The second reason is that martial arts is very important to my husband and is his main form of exercise and has always been his way to unwind. He feels it’s important to raise our children with teachings of martial arts. Once my other two children are old enough to begin karate at Arashi Do they will also become members. 
Thanks to both Sensei Trevor and Sensei Lauren!
Chandra Scarbro


Hey Monette & Trevor, 

I would like to thank you for the work you have done over the past couple years with Eric (my girlfriend son). He is a different kid than when I first met him and a lot of that started to change when he started going to Karate.




I have always held an interest in martial arts but lacked time and commitment to get into a qualified instruction program as a young adult. I joined Arashi-do in my 40’s and admittedly it was, and continues to be, a great physical and mental challenge. Renshi Trevor Clarke and the Arashi-do team provide an active and dynamic training environment. Renshi Trevor Clarke and the senior students always make time to provide guidance to assure you have the tools to continually improve. I am at the beginning of an exhilarating and challenging adventure and look forward to growing my skills with Arashi-do.

Sean Parenteau



My kids have learned so much from this program and they have a lot of great memories and trophies that they can hold on to. 



I enrolled my son in karate to help him learn self-confidence.  In a world of bullying I wanted to give my child every tool possible to handle such struggles in his youth and into adulthood.  After his first class with Renshi Trevor, I knew Arashi-Do Springbank would be a life altering experience.  Renshi Trevor has not only taught my son the techniques to protect himself physically should the occasion arise, but his inner confidence has also strengthened.   My son has achieved several levels and his own personal goals in karate, he has learned the value of hard work, self-discipline, focus and respect.   My son looks forward to attending classes, has made a number of friends, learned the importance of physical health and exercise, and is determined to achieve his Black belt”.  




Since beginning ladies cardio kickboxing at Arashido, I have noticed significant improvements in my cardio, endurance and strength. It’s a total body workout that keeps you moving the entire class. Every class is different, working different muscles and learning new techniques while keeping it fresh and fun!



I heard about Arashido through my wife as several of her friends were in the cardio kickboxing classes.   I always heard how good the workout was and how intense the instructor was.  I decided to try the Muay Thai for the summer and really enjoyed the classes.  I decided to go full time and I’m happy I did.  It is great to learn a new skill which protects and challenges yourself while also getting in a workout.



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