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Some of our Reviews:

Posted on Arashi Do Red Deer, ATC, Facebook, by Terry K: 

5 starGreat personal interest exhibited by all members of staff and students…the feeling of belonging and “family” multiplies the dedication to personal excellence.


Posted on Arashi Do Red Deer, ATC, Facebook, by Chris W.:

5 starThe coaches are the best I have ever known and I will continue to recommend them to everyone I can.


Posted to Chris Bonde by Kayla Gregory, formerly Kayla Roseth before her marrage.  As a young girl, Kayla started training in Karate at Arashi-Do Caroline in the mid 90’s with Renshi Chris Bonde.  Her whole family was taking Karate, with her mom Della, going on to earn her Black belt. She recently started her boy into martial arts at Arashi-Do Red Deer and sent this message to me:

Hey Chris! I hope your well. I wanted to drop a quick note. My boy started with Arashi Do Red Deer on Monday. 3 generations of Arashi Do, I can’t believe it. Anyways, I wanted to pass along a note about his instructor.

He’s training under coach Ryan in Red Deer, and I’m so incredibly impressed with Ryan, and the way he is with these kids. I wasn’t able to watch the entire class but the bit I did see he absolutely blew me away. He spent time building kids up, disciplining them and being a leader at the same time. I watched him calm and reassure a child who was getting upset. I watched him handle a misdemeanour with respect for the child while upholding authority. He was aware of a sensitive child’s needs and met them while maintaining control of the kids with kindness. He is awesome. Please pass this along to whoever needs to see it. I am also sorry for bothering you personally on FB but I was so impressed with him I thought I would let you know.

I was most impressed when he gave a kid laps as a punishment and then ran said laps with the kid to encourage him to finish. I’ve heard it said that great leaders don’t say “go first” they say “follow me”. I have read several leadership books spanning business and even military leadership. I seen a lot of those qualities in Ryan. I’m grateful my child is under his instruction.

Take care, Chris! Kayla


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