Professor/Sensei/Kru Mike Yackulic

Professor Mike Yackulic

Mike Yackulic started training Karate in the fall of 1992 in Red Deer under Kyoshi’s Gary Vig and Mike Bonde at Arashi-Do Karate Schools. He continued his training for two years until moving to Banff. In 1997 Mike returned to his home town of Edmonton and continued his Karate training under Kyoshi Chris Bonde. Mike received his Karate Black Belt on November 25, 2000. In 1997, during his Karate training, Mike took part in a grappling tournament. Having only trained in the striking arts he was curious to see how he would do in the grappling arts. After an eye opening experience Mike began searching for grappling techniques.

   Through various instructor and videos Mike’s knowledge of submission wrestling grew. In January of 2000 Mike began teaching submission wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts at Kyoshi Chris’s school in Edmonton, AB. On March 3 2001, Sensei Mike competed in Alberta’s second Mixed Martial Arts show scoring a first round win. On May 26, 2002 Mike received his Black Belt in Sniper Mixed Martial Arts under Kyoshi Gary Vig. Sensei Mike had become quite obsessed with submission wrestling, and continued to look further for more and more answers.

   Finding Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was both a blessing and an annoyance as Mike did not like to train in a Gi for the most common reasons. Putting his frustrations with the Gi aside, he gave himself completely to BJJ. By January 2004, Mike achieved his dream of opening his own martial arts school. Under the guidance and support of Kyoshi Chris Bonde, Mike was able to reach his goal of running a very successful school within a few short years.

   Sensei Mike was introduced to Mestre Sylvio Behring in the spring of 2004. That summer he traveled to Brazil in July where he spent a month training and received his Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Shortly after his trip to Brazil, Sensei Mike went to Toronto to meet Mestre Behring’s Canadian representative Professor Shah Franco. Professor Shah Franco has been an invaluable mentor and exhibits many of the qualities that Sensei Mike admires in Kyoshi’s Mike, Gary and Chris.

   On November 12 of 2005, Sensei Mike received his Purple Belt in BJJ. In July of 2007 Sensei Mike received his Brown Prajied in Muay Thai from Kru Chris Bonde. On October 6 of 2007 Sensei Mike received his Brown Belt in BJJ. On May 7 of 2009 Sensei Mike received his Black Belt in BJJ making him the 2nd person in Edmonton, the 4th in Alberta and the 87th in Canada to receive this special honor. As of that date, Sensei Mike was also the only person in Alberta to hold a Black Belt in BJJ and a Black Belt in another martial art. In May of 2010, Mike finally achieved the rank of Kru under Kru Chris Bonde (Recognized Kru under the World Muay Thai Council). He was especially happy to earn this rank, making him a certified Instructor of Muay Thai.

   Mike has traveled to Brazil 3 times and Thailand six times to advance his training and continues to be a student of the Martial Arts on a daily basis. He has come a long way from when he started his journey and looks forward to helping you on yours.

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