I started my oldest son in karate last year for 2 reasons.

I started my oldest son in karate last year for 2 reasons.

The first reason was Nicolas was having trouble with his speech, as many children do, but along with speech therapy I wanted to ensure I was instilling as much confidence in my child as possible. I knew the speech would come but kids can be cruel and I wanted to ensure that Nicolas had as much self confidence as possible and I believe that martial arts, specifically karate, in this case can enhance self esteem. Nicolas has come a long way in the last year and much has improved but he is so proud of his achievements in karate. He has had 3 belt promotions and has even taken his current belt to show his kindergarten class for his show and tell class. Both Sensei Trevor and Sensei Lauren are extremely helpful and supportive with all the children but specifically never made a ‘big deal’ of Nicolas’s pronunciation of words. Actually, even one day which I will never forget ( I’m sure Sensei Trevor doesn’t remember) he even called out another student for laughing at my son. I also truly appreciated the class on bullying! I knew from then on that this was the Dojo that Nicolas was meant to be at. The second reason is that martial arts is very important to my husband and is his main form of exercise and has always been his way to unwind. He feels it’s important to raise our children with teachings of martial arts. Once my other two children are old enough to begin karate at Arashi Do they will also become members.
Thanks to both Sensei Trevor and Sensei Lauren!

Chandra Scarbrom


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