My children’s love story with Arashi-Do started in the Fall of 2014.

My daughter Marielle,10, decided to try out their karate class for the first time. Acadia dojo is the one nearest our home so it was the most convenient for us.Initially, my goals for Marielle were merely to develop self-esteem and to belong in a group but she obviously gained far more than that after 13 months of training. Marielle’s after-class feedback: “KARATE is FUN!!!”.
I have never seen my daughter gotten so engaged in an activity before. She also likes the fact that she is a potential black belter. Her goals are set and she wants to be able to attain them It was also through Marielle’s encouragement that she was able to convince her brother Theo, 7, to join in a trial class which eventually led to us signing him up for a year’s membership.
To this date, my children are passionate about what they do. Their discipline, focus and determination have immensely changed as well. Karate truly has a positive impact on who they have become. I commend all the teachers who were very patient, understanding and generous in sharing their knowledge and skills with all of our kids. Kudos!

Thank-you for providing this opportunity.

Joi P, Parent

Calgary Acadia

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