This was sent to the young students’ instructors after a Muay Thai Tournament.

I just wanted to send a note to thank you for going through all the effort to organize & host the recent tournament in Sylvan Lake this past weekend. This was my 7 year old son’s first tournament, and it was thoroughly enjoyed! Before his division was up he managed to meet another boy and actually ended up sparring with him for quite a while in the warm up area. It was so great to watch – 2 kids that had never met, started off running around playing tag and then graduated to sparring totally on their own – but not competitively – it was just no attitude, honest, innocent, sharing something they had in common that they could never do with their “regular” friends. This is truly the essence of the sport at this age! When I asked James what the best part of the day was he said, “meeting my new friend”. How much better does it get? What a great first experience!

Khru Chris, Thank-you for taking the time to have your picture taken with James, and for coming over to cheer him on when he was a little “out-gunned” in his first match. He told me he could hear you telling him to get his kicks going during the bout and that made him feel really special that you were cheering for him. I’m sure if you think back far enough you’ll remember your first tournament – James will always remember this one and the support he had from yourself and his Sensei’s.

Six months ago my boy left half way through his first Muay Thai class very upset and nervous. Now he can’t wait for his next tournament and still asks when he’ll be big enough for a full contact fight. What a change! He has a great pair of trainers, and I can’t wait to see what the next few years will bring.

Thank-you for providing this opportunity.

Brad Adam

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