Sensei Rem Amparo

Sensei Rem Amparo

I started training with Arashi-Do, October 2001. I began my training first in Muay Thai before expanding out into Karate. I achieved my Black Belt in Karate June 4th, 2005.

I became an assistant instructor during Karate classes when I was just an Orange belt. On October 2005, I accepted an opportunity to instruct full time. I love teaching! Not only do I get to share my knowledge, but I better myself by doing so. Teaching martial arts is fun and rewarding. I enjoy keeping students engaged in games or even just basic techniques. It is very gratifying to see students’ improvements and growths.

When training in both Muay Thai and Karate, I look forward to learning the many techniques, as well as the hard work out. Training in martial arts helped me get back in shape after giving birth to my daughters.

Some of the various tournaments I’ve competed in are: the Capital City Championships, Alberta Open, Ging Wu International Open, Tiger Balm in Vancouver, BC and the Brock Myroll Memorial. I am fortunate to have brought home some hardware as a souvenir from each tournament I’ve competed in since starting, when I was a White belt. The very first tournament I competed in was a club tournament and my first competition as a Black belt was the Capital City Championships 2006.

One of the highlights in my Martial Arts training career has been achieving my black belt during and after my pregnancy with my daughter, Kya. Another one is placing 2nd for Kata in the Black belt division when I was still a Brown belt.

After all the hard work and dedication I am fortunate to be given an opportunity to open my own gym; Arashi Do West Edmonton, June 2009.

Learn. Train. Excel.

Martial Arts excellence for 35+ years


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