Renshi/Khun/Monitor Jordi Amaya

My name is Jorge Amaya (Jordi). Originally from San Salvador Salvador, I moved to Canada when I was 5.  I began martial arts in Montreal Quebec, where I had gone through the most part of elementary school there.  After moving here to Edmonton Alberta, I quickly started looking to continue my karate training, as it had developed from chore, to pastime, to passion, and began my tutelage under Kyoshi Chris Bonde at Arashi-Do Martial Arts.  Having already progressed in karate in Montreal, I had a head start here with Arashi-Do Karate, and was able to progress quickly both physically and mentally.

Achieving my Black belt in June 2010 was a great milestone in my life, which made me realize that I would now want to begin teaching karate to others, and after some time I was teaching multiple classes.

Almost a decade after joining, and achieving my 2nd Degree Black Belt in December 2013, and my desire to teach has not slowed down, and will someday even expand.  

I have a goal of pursuing my Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and being able to repeat the same process which has brought me joy and a great sense of belonging here in the Arashi-Do family, and someday, plan to operate my own Arashi-Do Martial Arts school.

Learn. Train. Excel.

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