Renshi/Kru Jason Bryant

  • Received black belt in Tracy Kenpo in Nov, 2003 (1st Degree)
  • Received black belt with Arashi-Do Martial Arts in June, 2005 (1st Degree)
  • Received black Prajied in Muay Thai (Khru Status) under Arashi-Do Martial Arts/Lom Pa Yu on December 12, 2008
  • Received 2nd Degree Black Belt under Arashi-Do Martial Arts in June, 2009
  • Received 3rd degree Karate black belt June 6/15
  • 20+ years training martial arts Head of Lom Pa Yu Calgary fight team (10 fighters)
  • Multiple times Kata/Sparring grand champion
  • Jason has also received rank in other styles including Shotokan Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Kempo Karate
  • Trained Karate for 16+ years
  • Trained in Kickboxing and Muay Thai for 13+ years
  • Coached/trained and help train regional, national and international fighters and champions
  • Trained in Thailand at the WMC Samui camp
  • Has competed in 10+ kickboxing and Muay Thai fights
  • Former Canadian golden gloves silver medalist
  • Former #6 ranked kickboxer in Canada
  • Karate under the guidance of Kyoshi’s Mike Bonde and Gary Vig
  • Muay Thai under the guidance of Khru Yai Chris Bonde
  • 50+ 1st place trophies
  • Attended several seminars including Jongsanan Fairtex, Bill Wallace, Peter Cunningham and more
  • Renshi Jason became an assistant instructor with Arashi-Do Martial Arts in 2003 and became a full time instructor and school owner in late 2005 with partner Sensei Lynn Jennyc.
  • He has since partnered with Kyoshi Mike Bonde and is co-owner of Arashi-Do Deerfoot North in N.E. Calgary.

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