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Tuesday, 06 October 2015 08:42

Samurai Sword Series 4 Tournament A Lot Of Fun!

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SSS 4 Deerfoot 705

A tournament can be fun, competitive, and affirm your skills and development as a martial artist. The Samurai Sword Series 4, Calgary, was definitely fun, competitive, and affirming!! The fourth in a five part series of tournaments for our Calgary and Cochrane locations, this tournament was a special challenge as there were so many students who were brand new and had never participated in a tournament. Every one of the competitors was an example of good sportsmanship, courage, and skill development across the martial arts continuum. 

Arashi-Do Calgary has the advantage of pulling from a wonderfully diverse community. Martial Arts lends itself to this diversity, especially at Arashi-Do, because part of our philosophy is that there is a way for everyone to succeed at Martial Arts. Not everyone likes to compete, and we understand that; it just isn't for everyone. However, those who do compete gain so much from the experience that we do encourage it! The chance to test your own skills, to learn to handle nerves and stress, an opportunity to meet other martial artists and to develop new friendships, all of these are part of the tournament experience and they all translate into every day life. 

At a tournament a competitor has to speak publicly. It is a short introduction, but the process of learning, remembering, and then speaking the introduction when you are nervous is practice for doing the same in school, clubs, and the work place; places where you want your voice to be heard. The competitor will be nervous and feel stress and pressure, both that which they put on themselves and what they believe others are putting on them. Learning how to handle this with composure is a life skill! Testing your physical skills, facing an opponent and looking them in the eye; this is courage at it's finest and it carries over into your whole life. 

The parents of competitors have mentioned in the past that they believe they are more nervous than their child. This is often true. The trick is not to put those nerves onto the child. Parents and family members get to experience the tournament at a remove, but that by no means makes it easy for them. Allowing your child to test themselves, to show them you have faith in them, and then to coach them through both winning and losing builds communication and trust between family members and competitors. Without our students'  parents, we would not be able to hold these competitions.

A tournament is an opportunity. Students and members are the backbone of this experience and we know this. Thank you to everyne who participated and we can not wait until the next one! We will be posting the final Samurai Sword Series date and time as soon as possible! 


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