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Wednesday, 04 November 2015 14:10

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Going Strong With Mestre Behring's Fall Visit!

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Mestre Sylvio da Matta Behring's annual fall visit to Calgary and Edmonton to teach, grade, and share his vast Jiu Jitsu knowledge was a smashing success!

Mestre Behring spent the first part of his visit in Calgary. As always, his instructors course and the grading/symposium for our Jiu Jitsu students was fun, informative, and showed clearly that Calgary is developing depth and substance in it's BJJ program. After spending some time in southern Alberta, Mestre Behring spent the next several days in Edmonton where he taught private lessons, taught a few classes, conducted a grading and symposium, an instructors course for our own teachers, and in general had a lot of fun! It is always a joy to have Mestre Behring with us; his energy and love of life are uplifting and make an ordinary class extraordinary. Check out Professor Mike's Slideshow of Mestre Behring's Edmonton visit.


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