Monitor/Khun Jadon Hewitt

Jadon Hewitt - Sylvan Lake

I’m 17 years old and in Grade 12.  My parents always said that I loved to play fight my imaginary friends when I was younger.  Once I turned 7 my parents put me into Tae Kwon Do in Taber, Alberta, where I am originally from.  I learned a lot from Mr. Darren White, my instructor there.  At 10 years old I moved to Sylvan Lake and learned quickly that my family loved to play hockey and I did not.  It was then I started training at Arashi-Do Sylvan Lake in the CMA (Combined Martial Arts) program with Renshi Ken Sumner.  During my training I have competed in numerous events and am very happy with my results.  I feel like I have now found my passion, Martial Arts.  I love learning more about the technical skill it takes to fight in the ring.  I have had the opportunity to have three amateur modified Muay Thai ring fights which were great experiences.  Renshi Ken and the Arashi-Do Instructors are like family to me.

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