Monitor/Khun AJ Calleja

AJ Calleja - Edm. West Mayfield

I started training with Arashi-Do Martial Arts West Edmonton in the summer of 2009. I
began with the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program under Professor Lane Binetruy. After a few
months of training, I was later convinced to tryout the Muay Thai program and since then
have been fully committed to both programs. I received my Brown Belt in BJJ in April
of 2018.

I have competed in many tournaments in both disciplines and have naturally
transitioned to a mentoring role for other students after completing the Arashi-Do
Instructors Program in May of 2012. I wish to attain higher understanding in both
Martial Arts Disciplines and continue to improve both physically and mentally on my

Learn. Train. Excel.

Martial Arts excellence for 35+ years