Professor Connor Willis

I’ve been training at Arashi-Do south since 2009 doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and received my Black Belt Oct. 22, 2021.

I was 17 when I started Jiu-Jitsu and I was out of shape and had low self-esteem as well as
being a delinquent teenager. I had always wanted to do martial arts as a kid and I grew up
watching Jackie Chan and Kung Fu movies. I wish I had of started Martial Arts sooner in life but
as they say; the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the next best time is today.

11 years later, and I’m very happy with my martial arts journey with Arashi-Do. There is without
a doubt, amazing benefits in learning a martial arts and people of all ages, shapes and sized
should seek out a gym or dojo! I can’t recommend Arashi-Do enough, it’s provided me with a
friendly and safe environment to learn and grow.

I look forward to meeting new members and seeing them start the same life changing Martial
Arts journey I have enjoyed.

Learn. Train. Excel.

Martial Arts excellence for 35+ years


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