Sensei Meagan Shellington

My name is Meagan Shellington and I’m one of the instructors at Arashi Do Edmonton South. I grew up in the Arashi Do Karate program, starting at the age of ten. I very quickly found my love for martial arts. I adored the competitiveness and the challenge that Karate gave me but also how fun it was! As a girl, growing up in a male dominated sport has made me confident and strong willed, constantly having to prove myself to my male competitor.  All the extra hard work has made me a stronger athlete and helped me achieve my black belt in the spring of 2021.

Ever since I was an orange belt I’ve wanted to teach and I’ve been volunteering in little dragon classes since I was 11. I was so excited to achieve my black belt, not only because it’s an amazing achievement, but also because it meant that I would have the title “Sensei”, which means “teacher” in Japanese. I have had so many amazing Karate instructors to look up to as I grew up, so to me it is a huge honour to share a title with them.

Every time I see a student succeed, whether it’s in class, at a tournament or in a belt grading, it brings me so much joy to see our hard work pay off! Martial arts is truly one of my biggest passions in life and I’m so grateful that I’m able to share my love for Karate!

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