Arashi Do Martial Arts

 Sherwood Park

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38 Sioux Road

 (780) 449-2362


  • Founded Arashi Do Martial Arts Sherwood Park in 2009
  • 25 years of Martial Arts experience
  • Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (2015) under Master Sylvio Behring 
  • Black Belt Second Degree in Arashi Do Karate (2009)
  • Khru Phu Chwy in Muay Thai in Lom Pa Yu Muay Thai (2012)
  • Instructors include Sylvio Behring, Mike Bonde, Gary Vig, Chris Bonde, Mike Yackulic, Doug Fink, Mark Brzak and Craig Janiszewski. 
  • Coach for Team Canada at IFMA World Muay Thai Championships in St. Petersburg Russia (2012), Malaysia (2014), Thailand (2015), Belarus (2017) and Mexico (2018)
  • Trainer to Gold and Silver Medalists at Kids World BJJ Championships (2012-15)
  • Trainer to WKA & MTC Canadian Muay Thai Champion and WKA World Muay Thai Amateur Champion Derek Jolivette 
  • Trainer to K-1 World Amateur Champion Tim Lo (2016)
  • Has trained under Alvaro Barreto, Marcelo Garcia, Bernardo Faria, Luis Heredia and Paul Schreiner. 
  • Has trained at Kiat Busaba and WMC Camp in Thailand on several occasions starting in 2000 and with Coban Lookchaomaisaithong in 2015.