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Friday, 31 July 2015 11:01

A Typical Advanced Youth/Adult Karate Class At Arashi Do North!

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Moving and grooving in Adult Karate class at Deerfoot North Moving and grooving in Adult Karate class at Deerfoot North
In our our program guide, an adult Karate class is described as follows: Practical self-defense taught in a progressive, scientific manner. This program emphasizes overall physical fitness, as well as developing a “ Positive Mindset”, in classes that are challenging enough to be interesting, and in an environment that is always enjoyable.

Well, that does describe the class, but it does not actually give you much of a picture of what goes on in a class. After the bow in, the instructor (in the case of the gallery below, our owner and head instructor, Kyoshi Mike Bonde) warms up the class, getting them to stretch their muscles and loosen up their joints. After that, there are a number of ways the class can go. This particular class focused on drilling some techniques that will be on the upcoming advanced belt test. After a break for water, the bulk of the class was spent on working on kata, the patterns of skills and movements that showcase an individuals ability to make moves in a flowing pattern. I still haven't done it justice: this class is energetic, moves swiftly but at a manageable pace, and evokes the imagination! Members of the class work together and support each other in their individual efforts to improve and the class as a whole supports members that are struggling to master a new move, or one that they just can't seem to get right. Have you wanted to try a martial art? Have you dreamed of Karate since you saw your first martial arts movie? It is NEVER too late!

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