Khun Mikolaj Kubinski

Khun Mikolaj Kubinski

I first began my Martial Arts career in the summer of 2009 when I joined the Junior Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program under Professor Lane Binetruy. In 2011 I had the honor of receiving my blue belt from Master Sylvio Behring. In 2010 I started training in Muay Thai under Sensei Rem. Unfortunately in September of 2013 I suffered a back injury which resulted in a temporary pause in my training. In my long hiatus from martial arts I was given the opportunity to be an assistant instructor under Sensei Rem. Over time I was given more teaching responsibilities up until I was responsible for full classes. Alongside various talented instructors I instruct the Junior Muay Thai program as well as the adult fundamentals Muay Thai program. Besides teaching I also enjoy to coach my team mates in tournaments as well as compete myself. The biggest milestone in my career would be placing first at Mind, Body, Soul 2014, the first tournament I did after my injury.

Teaching is a rewarding experience that makes training less of a hobby and more of a way of life. It allows me to meet fantastic people that are not only my students or my team mates, but part of my family. Being an instructor has also definitely allowed me to see the art of Muay Thai from an entirely new angle.

I graduated from St. Francis Xavier High School in 2014, where I proceeded to work full time in various careers. I also received my EMR certification in March of 2015. Eventually I would like to join the Edmonton Police Service.


  • Receiving my EMR certification
  • Backpacking through Europe alone
  • Receiving my BJJ blue belt
  • Placing first in Mind, Body, Soul mens intermediate Muay Thai under 170 lbs.

*As of June 2015

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