Kru Chris McMillan

I started my journey in martial arts at the age of 14 with karate. Achieving my purple belt by my sixteenth birthday, I decided to try a kickboxing lesson and since that day have not looked back. I have been involved with martial arts for 10 years now, more than half of which has been under the tutelage of Arashi-Do Martial Arts.

I am currently a full time Muay Thai instructor and it is truly amazing that every day I get to be surrounded by people who are full of commitment and a positive attitude. I have had the opportunity to travel to Thailand multiple times and to get a true feel for what Muay Thai really is, and in so doing have changed the way I train and teach. I strive to teach based on situations I have experienced inside and outside the ring, which I feel is important in a sport like Muay Thai.

I believe fitness is vital to any sport and include unique workouts in my classes. As an athlete, I have had over 30 ring fights and my greatest accomplishment thus far is winning the CMTC-A western and National Muay Thai titles. The knowledge and support that I not only receive from my instructors, but from my students as well, is something I can take home with me and I in turn strive to be successful in life.

Muay Thai has become more than just a part of my life; with the never ending support of my family and friends it has become so much more.

Learn. Train. Excel.

Martial Arts excellence for 35+ years


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