Khun Florin Radu

I was born in Romania and I immigrated to Edmonton in 2005.  I grew up playing competitive soccer
and I quickly learned that respect and being a responsible team player are key attributes of a winning
team.  After improving my English skills, I wanted to share my love for the sport and I assembled a
soccer team from scratch. I coached, managed and played soccer for 7 years. In 2016, we made
major squad changes and we won the coveted league champions title; I felt so proud of myself and
my team.  I learned that wholehearted determination, focus, and a hard work ethic pays off.

I was always fascinated by combat sports.  Throughout childhood, I enjoyed watching boxing and K1
kickboxing so much that it inspired me to train and pursue martial arts.  In 2010, I started practicing
Kyokushin karate. My competitive spirit grew, as well as my hunger to challenge myself physically
and mentally to overcome my fears.  I searched for a martial art that is brutal, heavily promoted, and
deeply steeped in honorable traditional values. I discovered Muay Thai and I instantly fell in love. The
vicious knockouts and the bloody elbows terrified yet excited me.  I instantly knew training in Muay
Thai would enable me to take risks and break out of my comfort zone.  I joined Arashi-Do in 2015 and
over the last few years, Muay Thai became a lifestyle.  Muay Thai continually instills courage,
respect, humility and confidence that helped to unleash my potential in other facets of life.  It also
instilled a sense of self-control, discipline, and fitting into a wonderful community of like-minded
individuals that uses martial arts as a form of self-defense, and for improving themselves mentally
and physically.  I love and thoroughly enjoy my quest to achieve the highest-level of Muay Thai, and I
notice my progress every time I step in the dojo.   

I am also super passionate about progressive calisthenics, keeping fit, and helping others reach their
peak performance and fitness goals.  This motivated me to achieve the BioForce Conditioning Coach
certification in 2019.

I always looked up to my Arashi-Do mentors; studied their every move from the way they teach, to the
way they move and spar in the ring.  They are highly encouraging and deeply dedicated in advancing
my martial art skills. They continually inspire me to help others attain their goals.  I continually
challenge sparring partners to move quickly and to think fast, and often provide feedback with
encouraging words and a good sense of humor.  After competing at a few tournaments and having
experience fighting in the ring, I refereed at many tournaments: Spar Wars, Heroes, Mind Body Soul
and Capital City Championship. I’ve also cornered a few Arashi-Do fighters, which was a great
experience. In 2019, I completed the Arashi-Do instructor course; and in early 2020, I completed a
First Aid course. I realized that instructing Muay Thai is more than just teaching fundamental striking
and defense techniques; it is also about upholding and passing on those important values that Muay
Thai cultivates. 

I feel elated and proud every time I don an Arashi-Do instructor shirt.  Instructing Muay Thai definitely
inspired me to evolve into a better version of myself. There is a tremendous amount of responsibility
with instructing and I strive to lead by example; as the old saying goes: you must practice what you
preach.  Compared to the beginning of my Muay Thai journey, I am now more positive, more patient,
and more humbled.  I love every aspect of the Muay Thai and I will continue to train, compete, and
instruct with our Arashi-Do team for as long as I can.  I plan on attending striking and clinching
seminars hosted by top fighters; travel to Thailand to sharpen and advance my knowledge and skills,
and to teach what I learned. The Arashi-Do team has welcomed me with open arms, an open mind,
and most importantly, made me feel I am valued member of the Arashi-Do family.

Learn. Train. Excel.

Martial Arts excellence for 35+ years


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