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Nak Muay Derek Jolivette is an outstanding representative for Lom Pa Yu/Arashi-Do Muay Thai; passionate, driven, and an enthusiatic supporter of the benefits of Muay Thai!

Arashi-Do Martial Arts welcomes Erik Paulson and CSW to Alberta! Thank you for the outstanding coaching class!

Thank you and Congratulations! Arashi-Do Behring!

Mestre Sylvio da Matta Behring: Jiu Jitsu Legacy Builder

BJJ: chess of the Martial Arts world.

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Sylvan Lake Arashi Do & A Good Day!

Testing is a way to measure where students are and to know what to focus on in the coming months.

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Arashi Do Sylvan Lake Has A New Home!

New Arashi-Do school location in Sylvan Lake!

Nak Muay Derek putting in the hard work to prepare of the WKA World Championships!

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Arashi Do Sherwood Park Grand Opening!

Arashi-Do Sherwood Park is brand new on the inside with a deep foundation of martial arts excellence and experience on the inside!

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