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 In 2010, GSS (General Social Survey) conducted a research survey asking Canadians across the age, gender, income, and nationality spectrum when and what sports they actively participated in.  This survey and the conclusions drawn from the results are not so much startling as they are a guide to helping understand what is happening and may suggest ways to see an increase in participation.  The single most telling result showed decreased sport participation across all age groups (pg 14).


Finding The Right Martial Arts School: Where To Start

The martial arts have been around for centuries and many people from many different backgrounds have trained in martial arts. This trend is not just local but is in fact global. With the growth and popularity of mixed martial arts and martial arts in general in national and world wide competitions (i.e., The Olympics), showcasing many different martial arts, more parents are interested and becoming involved and are looking for their children to become involved. One result of the growth of martial arts as an industry is the perpetuation of many different schools offering many different styles, curriculums, and structures.

So, what do you look for in the school that is right for you and for your child?

Now offered at Rocky's Arashi-Do Martial Arts:

Tiny Thaigers Muay Thai (Ages 4-7) 
Youth Muay Thai (Ages 8-12)

These programs are the counterparts to our long-running Little Dragons Karate and Youth Programs. 

Check out all the fun and trial, tribulations and fantastic training for our 27 members team in Rio de Janeiro for the inaugural CBJJD Tournament!



Arashi-Do Martial Arts and Arashi-Do CSW Team Affiliates Coach Steve Newman and Kyoshi Gary Vig were not just honoured to help bring Erik Paulson to Alberta, but were extremely happy to participate in the first ever CSW seminar in Canada! Erik Paulson not only brings decades of experience with him but is an outstanding coach as well. His ability to communicate with his fellow instructors and students is matched by his energy and his willingness to demonstrate each and every move and countermove with the students. Learn more about Combat Submission Wrestling from Coach Erik's website. This was an great event for our instructors and for our members. Having special guests like Erik visit us here in Canada helps our whole martial arts community and being affiliated with professionals like Coach Erik, people with a vast pool of experience and knowledge, can only make our Arashi-Do community stronger. Stay tuned for updates on upcomingseminars and when we can expect Coach Erik to visit us again.

Tiny Thaigers is our Muay Thai program for students age 4 through 7. Fun, fitness, skills, and respect are all important parts of our program.

Our Karate program continues in strength and growth with these amazing and dedicated martial artists!

What is an "Americana"? What is a "Kimura"?

Jiu Jitsu promotions well earned and awarded by respected Jiu Jitsu leaders!

If you are thinking of or planning to train Muay Thai in Thailand one of the best ways you can ease into the culture is to learn some key phrases before landing!

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