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Our Karate program continues in strength and growth with these amazing and dedicated martial artists!

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New Purple Belt In Penhold!

Belt testing in Penhold brings a new purple belt to the school.

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Penhold is excied to have both karate and BJJ gradings!

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New Belts At West Edmonton Arashi Do!

A belt or stripe test can be stressful for any student because they are invested in their own progress. We set ours up for success...

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Recently, one of our very proud parents posted this to Facebook:

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Advanced Muay Thai Grading, Ed South!

Great Arashi-Do - Lom Pa Yu Muay Thai grading yesterday morning and afternoon. (May 20, 2015)

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Karate Students Shine At Edmonton South

Congratulations to all of our Karate Students who graded tonight!! (February 25, 2015)

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