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Arashi-Do Martial Arts September 2015 Newsletter!

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 WELCOME! It's a new season and we have a lot to catch up on. First and foremost, welcome or welcome back to all of our students, family members, staff and instructors, to the new season!

Over the summer many of you took time off or were not yet members, so a brief look at what happened over the summer.

In June, Arashi-Do Martial Arts held it's Annual General Meeting. This is an opportunity for all owners and instructors and staff to get together, talk about the past year and plan for the upcoming year, and in general to  talk about the growth and development of Arashi-Do as a whole and of the many programs and projects on the go. This was a great weekend and you will see some new initiatives coming out of it this year.

July was fairly quiet as many of our students took some time off and some of our owners and staff took the opportunity to train or vacation or to renovate!

On August 16 Arashi-Do welcomed Erik Paulson for a first ever CSW seminar in Red Deer, AB! Erik Paulson trained in multiple martial arts and is generally regarded as an expert on grappling. This one of a kind opportunity was made possible because members of our Arashi-Do MMA team have been training as CSW coaches in Fullerton, California since 2014. We hope to see Coach Erik back again in the future!

August saw schools starting to gear up for the upcoming September season and it was the month that Arashi-Do Behring BJJ sent 27 team members to Rio de Janeiro to compete at the first ever CBJJD World Championships! Our team members trained and competed as a proud part of the Behring team with the second highest number of participants. You can read all about it here and here and here 

Also in August, our new website was launched! Same url:, but an entirely new layout and functionality that we want you all to explore. On the new website you will find a specific area, including an events calendar and blog and instructors, etc., just for your school. To keep up with your school's events and happenings just bookmark the page associated with that school.


Calgary Deerfoot North

Calgary West Hillhurst

 Calgary Acadia

Calgary Rutland Park

Calgary Springbank

Edmonton North

Edmonton South

Edmonton West


Fort Saskatchewan



Red Deer

Rocky Mountain House

Sherwood Park

Sylvan Lake

The website will be undergoing continuing development and new events and blogs will be added often so make sure to bookmark your school and the main site as well! Keep your eyes open for new areas to open up.

September, 2015:

September is already a busy month! All of our schools have started their fall schedules and classes are energetic and fun! 

The Submission Series 2015: The first of the 2015 Submission Series tournaments took place on Saturday, September 19, at our Arashi-Do North location. You can follow this series and keep up to date on upcoming tournaments a few different ways. You can follow the events on the main website or the Arashi-Do North location on the website, you can follow the Facebook Page or the dedicated website for The Submission Series. 

We have BJJ Evaluations coming up on September 25, stay tuned for more details on that.

October, 2015:

SparWars, October 3, 2015 at the Edmonton South dojo!

In Calgary, October 3, 2015, the 4th in a 5 part series of tournaments, The Samurai Sword Series, will be held at our Deerfoot North dojo.

Mestre Behring will be paying his semi-annual visit to Calgary and Edmonton beginning on October 17 in Calgary, at the Deerfoot North dojo, and in Edmonton on October 24. Stay tuned as these events will be updated as more details become available.

Keep ypur eyes on the events calendar for all of Arashi-Do by bookmarking the Events page!

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