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Tuesday, 04 August 2015 09:36

Tiny Thaigers Muay Thai Action at West Ed: What Makes A Good Kid's Martial Arts Class?

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Tiny Thaigers Muay Thai class at Arashi-Do West Edmonton! Tiny Thaigers Muay Thai class at Arashi-Do West Edmonton!

Tiny Thaigers is our Muay Thai program for students age 4 through 7. Fun, fitness, skills, and respect are all important parts of our program.

Tiny Thaigers Muay Thai is a Children's Program  martial arts class. Specifically designed with a curriculum suitable for students in the 4-7 year old range, this class is fun, filled with movement, stimulating, and gets kids interested in learning about martial arts. This is a class that emphasizes working together, focusing on technique and skill building, and encourages students to put a lot of energy into every class. Muay Thai is a martial art that was born in Thailand and is the Thai national sport. It comes with tradition and culture and a lot of history. This art focuses on being able to employ arms, shoulders, elbows, hands. feet, knees, legs and the torso in a stand up style of self defense. Practice requires some individual effort as well as some partnered effort as much of the training depends on being able to practice with another person. Hallmarks of a good kid's martial arts class include getting your kids moving, having fun, making friends, developing focus, discipline and fitness all while learning how to out-think your opponent.

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