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Training Muay Thai In Thailand: Three Things To Know How To Say Before You Arrive

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Chris in front of the famous (now demolished) Lumpinee Stadium Chris in front of the famous (now demolished) Lumpinee Stadium

If you are thinking of or planning to train Muay Thai in Thailand one of the best ways you can ease into the culture is to learn some key phrases before landing!

Thai culture is fascinating. Many of our fighters and Muay Thai practitioners have trained in Thailand and we avidly follow a few people who have moved to Thailand to train and fight. Thailand is NOT Canada. It is hot and humid and the food is different and their bugs get much bigger than ours. Muay Thai is not just a thing to learn in Thailand, it is a living breathing part of the culture and those who teach it are revered in their own way. If you are thinking of going to Thailand to train or just to visit there are a few short phrases you should take the time to learn; these will help you get where you are going and make a good first impression. Hello: sawadee khup. This is accompanied by a small bow. Thank You: khup khun khup. Also accompanied by a small bow. How much?: Thaw rai?  These were the top three phrases one of our Muay Thai instructors, Khru Chris McMillan, recommended knowing before you step off the plane in Bangkok.You will want o pick up a few more phrases, I am sure, and will absorb even more as you visit, but this is a good place to start. It establishes you are polite, you care about the culture you are visiting, and you are a smart person. If you are fortunate enough to know someone who has trained in Thailand, talk to them about it before you go. Ask them about the little tricks they learned, what was important to know, and what they think it is important to know how to say and understand before you arrive.  Hello, thank you, and "How much"...a good place to start!

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