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Derek "Honey Badger" Jolivette Takes The Belt!

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Derek Jolivette for the win! Derek Jolivette for the win!

Nak Muay Derek Jolivette is an outstanding representative for Lom Pa Yu/Arashi-Do Muay Thai; passionate, driven, and an enthusiatic supporter of the benefits of Muay Thai!

Derek Jolivette is not just a valued member of the Arashi Do Sherwood Park team but he is also one of the nicest and most determined men anywhere! In his last fight, Journey Fight Series 9, Derek fought hard! His opponent, Jake Mackenzie, made this a true battle. Derek won by unanimous decision but it was by no means a walk and Derek had to fight for each and every round against a savvy and determined opponent. With this win, Derek becomes the  CMTC-A Canadian Muay Thai Title holder! You can find articles about his win in the Calgary Sun and an article about his preparation and aspirations in The Barrhead Leader. If you happen to see Derek, make sure you let him know how much his outstanding and inspiring representation of Arashi Do and our Muay Thai/Lom Pa Yu program means to us!

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