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Halloween Party For Deerfoot North/West Hillhurst Arashi-Do!

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On Saturday, October 31, Arashi-Do North hosted an Halloween party at Deerfoot North for the West Hillhurst and Deerfoot students, members and family! 

This was fun! Decorations and spooky music turned our dojo into a haunted fun house! The costumes were creative and represented everythign from a Rastafarian, to Iron MAn, to the grim reaper! The Zombie Tag and Zombie Dog Tag were controlled mayhem and the eat-an-oreo-off-your-forehead gme was as entertaining to watch as to participate in. Two spider pinatas made for some heavy hits and seriously intent strategies for opening them up and making them spill their candy filled guts! A special thank you to the Krysa-Olivier family for bringing in juice boxes for the thristy participants. Thank you to Kyoshi Mike, Hien Bonde, Renshi Jason and Renshi Sets for decorating, supervising, and in general making this a fantastic event. See you all next year!


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