Upcoming Arashi-Do Events

Adv. Muay Thai Grading & Seminar - Black Prajieds and Green Prajied & Up - Red Deer

From May 05, 10:00 am until May 05, 5:00 pm
*Schedule to change if there will be no Black Prajied Candidates
10:00 am    - Muay Thai Black Prajied candidates only
12:00 pm    - Instructors Seminar, Lunch
1:00 pm      - Muay Thai advanced grading (those grading for green, purple, blue, brown prajied)
3:00 pm      - Muay thai seminar open to all muay thai students age 10 +
4:30 pm      - Pictures and head out to eat.


Seminar $40

Muay Thai Grading

$60 for Purple Prajied (includes new advanced student manual)

$35 for Green, Blue or Brown prajied (or $60 if new manual needed)

(Those grading from Green to Purple Prajied also remember to email me your paper on "What Black Belt Excellence Means To Me" ("Me" meaning you).  Put the date on the top of it and your name on the bottom.)
For more info. please email Kru Chris at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.