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Finding The Right Martial Arts School: Where To Start

The martial arts have been around for centuries and many people from many different backgrounds have trained in martial arts. This trend is not just local but is in fact global. With the growth and popularity of mixed martial arts and martial arts in general in national and world wide competitions (i.e., The Olympics), showcasing many different martial arts, more parents are interested and becoming involved and are looking for their children to become involved. One result of the growth of martial arts as an industry is the perpetuation of many different schools offering many different styles, curriculums, and structures.

So, what do you look for in the school that is right for you and for your child?

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A Great Night For BJJ At Sylvan Arashi Do!

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BJJ: chess of the Martial Arts world.

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Sylvan Lake Arashi Do & A Good Day!

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Testing is a way to measure where students are and to know what to focus on in the coming months.

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Arashi Do Sylvan Lake Has A New Home!

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New Arashi-Do school location in Sylvan Lake!