Arashi Do Martial Arts

 Sherwood Park

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38 Sioux Road

 (780) 449-2362


 "My teen boys have been with Arashi Do Sherwood Park since the doors were opened. We had spent time in other dojos which did not offer a fraction of what we receive at Arashi Do Sherwood Park. They participate in all 3 disciplines of martial arts offered and I could go on at length about what the arts have done to build all aspects of my boys' character, fitness and health. There is nothing about them that has not been influenced profoundly by Arashi Do. As important as the martial arts are, the people at our club are where the real value is. We have family friends, best friends, supportive friends, life long friends, coaches and mentors who I can only hope have another 8 years of influence over my kids. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend Arashi Do Sherwood Park for you and/or your family. It's not just a martial arts club. The support and opportunity afforded to my kids on and off the mats are priceless."

Darlene Perry (Parent)


"I have been with this school for almost six years now. First class facility, very clean and well maintained with lots of space. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, welcoming and open. An expert balance of pushing you to your limits while making sure no one gets hurt.Not just a club, but a family."

Bradley Fraser (Muay Thai Student)


"The coaching staff , atmosphere, and athletes there are top notch. I had trained at the club for 5 years had zero previous combat sport or martial art experience. Kru Ryan is exceptionally knowledgeable and a great teacher, he was able to take a guy with zero experience and turned me into a confident fighter in the ring and on the mat. Arashido sherwood park pumps out some of the most technical athletes in the city the also have world class fighters training there and believe it is the best club around. I've been a personal trainer for 10 years and have seen a lot of gyms and fitness fads come and go, so if you are looking at this from a workout stand point it is tried tested and works. I have never been in better shape in my life then when I was training at this club."

Chris Cooknell (BJJ & Competitve Muay Thai Fighter)


"When my daughter and I first started training here I knew very little about martial arts of any kind and was honestly intimidated. The instructors here are amazing and welcomed us to the club with friendly encouragement. We have been here going on 6 years now and I would never train anywhere else. This club offers traditional discipline with supportive individual attention. The instructors work with the kids to foster self esteem and confidence and it's been amazing to see how the kids who have been attending since we started are growing into amazing confident inspirational humans. There truly is a "family" feel at this club and everyone is welcomed. I would recommend it to any parent looking to enroll their child, as well as anyone looking for an amazing workout that challenges you both physically and mentally."

Kris Grue (Parent and Muay Thai student)


 My son has been attending classes at Arashi Do Sherwood Park for the last two years. He's been doing Muay Thai since September 2014, and added BJJ last fall; he also goes to kids' camps, seminars, and Open Mat every chance he gets - I think he'd live there, if he could! The instructors and equipment are fantastic, but the atmosphere and camaraderie are truly unbelievable; as soon as you go to one class, you're pretty much part of a great big family. And they want you to learn, be happy, and win. If you have any interest in trying a new martial art or furthering your existing skills, I would highly recommend this place - we just love it!

Ruth Hamlyn (Parent)


 "My Family has been training at this Dojo since it first open, it has become our second home. The Instructors are World Class in knowledge and they treat everyone like family. Regardless the discipline you train, the Instructors will always take the time to answer a question and teach a technique properly. The atmosphere in the Dojo is that of Love and Respect. I cannot think of a better Dojo to train in and many of my Instructors and training partners are now some of my closest friends."

Scott Hrynchuk (BJJ Purple Belt)