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Nak Muay Derek Jolivette Prepares For the Muay Thai World Championships!

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Nak Muay Derek working with weights. Nak Muay Derek working with weights.

Nak Muay Derek putting in the hard work to prepare of the WKA World Championships!

  Nak Muay Derek (Jolivette) training for WKA World Championships in October. Wake up Monday @ 7am, stretch 30min, footwork drills, shadow boxing, sparring 6-10 rounds, pads 6 x 3min (4min as we get closer to the fight), heavy bag, chin-ups (5 sets), neck strength 2 sets, shoulder class, work building the new dojo, teach private lessons, teach night classes, train in Fighters class sparring several rounds and pads, stretch and abs. Eat, sleep and repeat always smiling. This guy is already a champ. Stay tuned for our Fund a Champion website where you can help sponsor this guy!

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