Arashi Do Martial Arts

 Sherwood Park

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38 Sioux Road

 (780) 449-2362



  • Black Belt 1st Degree in Karate (2015)
  • Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Master Sylvio Behring 8th degree Red and White Belt from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (2015)
  • Gold Medalist at the TAFISA World Martial Arts Games in Karate (2014)
  • Represented Canada at the WKC World Karate Championships (2013)
  • 10 years Martial Arts Training experience
  • Instructors include Dean Forsyth, Chris Bonde, Ryan Timoffee, Carla Ernst, and Axel Scarione
  • Training in weapons, point sparring, continuous kickboxing, forms, self-defence, the Progressive System, sport Jiu Jitsu.