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New Belts At West Edmonton Arashi Do!

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Brand new Karate belts, well earned! Brand new Karate belts, well earned!

A belt or stripe test can be stressful for any student because they are invested in their own progress. We set ours up for success...

We set them up for success by teaching the techniques, allowing them the time to develop and to mature into new techniques and skills and by encouraging them to help their peers to learn those same techniques and skills. Nevertheless, a test is a test and students still stress. It is always so gratifying to watch as students who were unsure and who struggled to master new concepts and skills demonstrate that mastery and their ability to struggle and to succeed during a test. Realistically, a student succeeds when they test because they face the fear of the test, of being in front of their instructor one on one and because they are ready for the outcome, whether it is a new stripe or belt or it is advice on the things that need work before the next test. Thank you to the students who work hard both inside and outside of the dojo and to the parents and spouses and partners who support them!

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