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Adult Muay Thai Kickboxing at West Edmonton!

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Adult Muay Thai workouts at Edmonton West are fun! Adult Muay Thai workouts at Edmonton West are fun!

Adult Muay Thai, whether you are a beginner, have taken Cardio Kickboxing, or have some Muay Thai experience under your belt, is a great way to achieve several different goals.

If you are looking for some serious self defense, this is the right class. If you are wanting something to challenge you mentally AND physically, this is it. If you are ready to kick your fitness level up a notch or seven, this is a way to do it! If you are interested in martial arts tradition and history and culture, Muay Thai is rich in all of them. If you have watched others in the ring and the idea intrigues you, this is a path. If you promised yourself that this year you would do something just for you, this is a way to achieve that goal. You will find passionate and dedicated instructors who are also coaches, trainers, fighters, and who have trained and lived in Thailand. You will find a community of people who understand your dedication and what you pour into your training. More than anything else, though, you will find out more about who you are and how far past your limits you can truly go. Adult Muay Thai is for you, and your neighbor, and your daughter, and your uncle...

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