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Advanced Muay Thai Grading, Ed South!

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Great Arashi-Do - Lom Pa Yu Muay Thai grading yesterday morning and afternoon. (May 20, 2015)

Very special day as after 6+ years of training Peko Sananikhom and Sean Enright were awarded their degree Nak Muay Level (fighters),black/brown Prajied. Also, a couple years after achieving the same, Derek Jolivette and Chris McMillan moved to Khru Phu Chwy (First Trainer/Teacher).
Amazing dedication, club loyalty, skill and a shared passion for their art, showed us an impressive grading throughout the day with some great demonstrations for all to see in the later part if the test. Great work guys!
Also congratulations to all others listed below for coming to grade from many of out schools around Alberta. Great energy and spirit everyone, it was a pleasure for us all to see you again and see your progression since the last time.
Thanks to the testing panel for traveling up from Calgary and Red Deer, Khru's Mike Bonde, Gary Vig, Jason Bryant and Stephanie Essensa, as well as Jessica keeping everything organized at the front counter. Also thanks to all the instructors who came to help out and take responsibility in noting what their students needed to work on, and share their success. Thanks to all others who came to support and help on or off the mat!

Kru Yai Chris Bonde

Orange Prajied: (si som)
George Eistetter-Ed. South
Jesse Otte-Sh. Park
Daniel Williams-Sh. Park
Adam Randolph-Sh. Park
Angela Steblyk-Ed. North
Ron Morrison-Ed. North
Jennifer Wells-Drayton V
Brenda Preece-Sh. Park
Eugeniu Cebotenco-Ed. South
Kris Grue-Sh. Park
Dan LeBlanc-Drayton V
Jason Kennedy-Drayton V
David Armfield-Ed. West
Tim Kee-Ed. North

Green Prajied: (si keow)
Aaron Calliou-Ed. North
Nicole Calliou-Ed. North
Jason McLachlan-Ed. North
Matt Richard-Leduc
Kelsey Gaboriau-Ed. South
Pravin Wedage-Ed.South
Jay Teare-Red Deer
Erin Wotherspoon-Ed. North
Billy Joe Parlee-Fort Sask.

Purple Prajied: (si mung)
Carlos Calleja-Ed. West
Josiah MacPherson-Red Deer

Blue Prajied: (si fa)
Rich Kuo-Ed South
Liam Walsh-Cal. South
Sean Presiloski-Ed. North
Ryan Saunders-Cal. North

Brown Prajied: (si nam tan)
Paige Winters-Cal. North

Originally published on May 20, 2015

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