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I began my training in Martial arts with boxing almost 30 years ago, inspired by the amount of strength, cardio, focus, strategy and accuracy behind a simple punch in different directions in a ring. Asking questions lead me to be introduced to kickboxing and Karate Do.

I travelled a lot and moved quite often and was hard to stick to one style. At that time Gojo Ryu was my main style of Karate. After few years of travelling and training different styles, I went back to my home town, and Gojo Ryu and Meibukan become the center of my attention.

I moved to Canada in 2000 and soon started training under Renshi /Kru Chris Bonde at Arashi-Do Karate, taking a break from Kickboxing and Muay Thai when I needed to, due to injuries, and returning when my body felt ready. I achieving Muay Thai blue prajied in 2003, and Shotokan Karate Do black belt in 2004 with Arashi-Do Martial Arts. I refer to Edmonton south side dojo as my home, my class mates as my family and my practice as my life.

It wasn’t easy when I first started. Our communication was very little English, and my instructor did not speak Spanish, but we had enough communication to share a common respect and understanding of Martial Arts as a way of life.

In 2002, because of a long time injury, I also started practising yoga, understanding the benefits and common grounds with traditional practice of Karate, and later on became a certified yoga instructor.

Deeply passionate and respectful of many disciplines, I also started my training with friends of Arashi-Do, at Canadian Ging Wu Kung Fu Martial Arts from 2002 to 2012. I practised Hung Gar style, expanding my personal knowledge one step further in weapon forms and self-defence, under Sifu Brendan Lee. Then, eager to learn more about weapons I was drawn towards Kobudo Ryu Honzokai, and since 2008 to present, I have practised that and Uechi Ryu as well.

I also travelled to Okinawa Japan, and had the privilege of meeting the most refined karate masters from different styles. Training amongst them confirmed the answer to my long time question, “I am on the right path!” I set my personal goal to promote health and well-being a long time ago. Lead by example; and that there is no age limit to practice martial arts.

Since beginning my training I have competed in numerous tournaments representing Arashi-Do Martial Arts across Canada, and leaving behind my very best effort and a long list of achievements including placing in kata, weapons kata and sparring, since the year 2000 under the guidance of Renshi Chris Bonde. I still have many goals, dreams and hours of training ahead because I have yet so much to learn!!!

Overall, I am trying to inspire each and every class someone else that may need inspiration, and to push myself even further in my personal training and life, to be a role model inside and outside of our organization and to achieve my challenges in each discipline and find balance and happiness in life.