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Why Your Child Needs Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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Having your child train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has many benefits that go beyond the most commonly thought reasons such as Self Defence.

  • Self Confidence

    Definitely at the top of the list for benefits you would expect your child to acquire through training.  It is very common for schools to use this as a big selling feature, but many do not explain how this will be developed in your child.  Your child training BJJ at Arashi Do offers something special that many other Martial Arts are not able to do, training under full resistance.  Your child will learn moves in a safe environment and when ready progress to applying them against another trained partner who resisting.  It is difficult to do this in other Martial Arts due to injuries or the excessive amount of padded gear to prevent injuries.  Although punching and kicking are extremely useful tools for everyone learning to defend themselves, the contact must be modified to prevent loss of training.  Training in Jiu Jitsu will allow your child to not only train for realistic Self Defence but to develop strategies to stay safe to prevent injuries for themselves without ever having to punch or kick another child.

    Check out our Junior Jiu Jitsu Video!

  • Fitness/Coordination

    One of the hardest challenges facing parents today is finding an activity that will pull their child off the couch and away from the iPad.  BJJ will provide a fun and demanding cardiovascular workout for your child and they will LOVE doing it.  Not only will they be improving their fitness but your child will learn how to move their body such as jumping, rolling, falling, crawling and more.  We will show them how to recognize the dangers of moving outside of their body's natural limits and how to protect themselves in their everyday environment.

  • Make New Friends

    Our academy fosters an environment of acceptance where your child can feel free to be themselves.  Many relationships have been built at our school that will turn into lifetime friends and teach them to respect everyone. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is something that most people start and continue doing for the rest of their life. You will see your child progress through the ranks together, building an unshakeable bond where they can be there for eachother through the good times and those so important tough ones.


  • Structured Learning and Goal Setting

    –  Arashi Do offers something lacking in many other schools... a structured program specifically designed to help your child's progression through Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Many school will say they have a program, but it lives inside the Instructors head where no one has access to it.  Each student at Arashi Do has a manual that clearly outlines what your child needs to do to advance to the various levels.  We also give constant feedback and set manageable goals to help reinforce their confidence as they continue to train.Junior BJJ Cover

  • Self Defense

    Of course we have to hit on Self Defence... it's one of the main driving factors for finding a school to teach your child.  In our classes we cover a simple verbal approach to defuse situations and if that fails we teach real Self Defence skills to keep your child safe.  Our program covers a wide variety of standing attacks such as wrist grabs, bear hugs, headlocks, pushes. wall defense and of course a lot of ground work which the kids absolutely LOVE.  Bullying is a hot a topic as ever and the child that is least able to defend themselves or with the lowest self esteem is usually the victim. Do not let this happen to your child, give them the gift of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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If you are interested in having your child learn Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu please stop by or email us and you can get started on a 30 day free trial.   

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