About Arashi-Do

The company named “Arashi-Do Karate” has been in existence since 1985, with the three current owners having been involved with the direction and growth of the organization since 1988.

Achieving ranking in Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and several other Martial Arts as well they also accomplished numerous Titles and Championships over the years, including a Canadian Golden Gloves Kickboxing Title, a Western Canadian Modified Muay Thai Title, and a World Karate Title in the WKA Championships.

Throughout their careers the directors have endeavored to increase their working knowledge in the martial arts and pass it on to their instructors and students. Over a period of years they developed staff training methods, which include a certification process for all their major programs including Cardio-Kickboxing and a woman’s personal safety course, “fit-safe”, and instructor training programs for all Martial Arts taught within the organization.

As well as Martial Arts training and accomplishments, the instructors at Arashi-Do Karate are required to attend and keep current on CPR and First Aid Certification, and Assistant Instructor / Instructor Training Course, and regular staff training from the organization itself.

The original Black Belt Certification Committee “B.B.C.C.” of Arashi-Do Karate was comprised of five chief instructors, who over a period of five years developed testing procedures and quality control standards within the organization. Since then, Arashi-Do Karate has expanded its information base by using many of the organizations which exist, not only within the martial arts, but also through programs made available by the federal and provincial governments, to increase knowledge and professionalism in a relatively unexplored market.

Some of the organizations most directly involved with increased exposure of Arashi-Do Karate and the level of professionalism there within, have been: NAPMA or the National Association of Professional Martial Artists from which a great number of the innovations were incorporated, the World Ging Wu Martial Arts Association and membership of Shoot-Wrestling Canada.

Mr. Mark Brzak creates the concept of Arashi-Do Karate.

Mr. Mark Brzak opens and operates a Karate school in Rocky Mountain House Alberta.


Mr. Dan Brzak achieves Black Belt in Karate.


Mr. Craig Janiszewski and Mr. Dustin Moberg achieve Black Belt in Karate.

Mr. Gary Vig achieves Black Belt in Karate and starts teaching.


Mr. Mike Bonde achieves Black Belt in Karate and starts teaching.


Members of the organization agree on a unifying name to the system, “Arashi-Do Karate” is official.

Arashi-Do opens a second location in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, and a third location in Red Deer, Alberta.


Mr. Gary Vig and Mr. Mike Bonde both receive Second Degree Black Belts.

Mr. Mark Brzak resigns as Head Instructor of Arashi-Do Karate.

Mr. Gary Vig and Mr. Mike Bonde succeed Mr. Brzak as Co-Head Instructors of Arashi-Do Karate


Mr. Chris Bonde receives his Black Belt in Arashi-Do Karate.

Mr. Gary Vig and Mr. Mike Bonde create a research and development mandate for several new martial arts programs.


Mr. Chris Bonde opens the first Arashi-Do Karate location in Edmonton, AB.


Mr. Gary Vig and Mr. Mike Bonde promote five instructors to Black Belt.


Mr. Gary Vig and Mr. Mike Bonde both receive Third Degree Black Belts.

Mr. Gary Vig and Mr. Mike Bonde promote three Chief Instructors to Second Degree Black Belt in Karate, including Mr. Chris Bonde.

The Black Belt Certification Committee (BBCC) is formed with five new directors, establishing their mission to expand and grow Arashi-Do Karate.

A new curriculum is developed for several new Martial Arts programs to be introduced at Arashi-Do Karate schools.


Arashi-Do expands to 7 locations and breaks the 300 student mark system-wide.


With five Chief Instructors & over 300 students, the next few years produce many new Black Belts.

Arashi-Do Karate passes 70 black belts in the organization and has ten schools.

Mr. Gary Vig and Mr. Mike Bonde both achieve Black Belts in Mixed Martial Arts (Shoot Wrestling).


The five directors of Arashi Do travel to numerous seminars and conferences around the world to continue their Martial Arts education.


Arashi-Do awards its 100th Black Belt in Karate, and produces its first MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Black Belts.

The BBCC appoints new Black Belts to continue research and development and refine future Martial Arts programs.

Mr. Chris Bonde starts actively pursuing Muay Thai training and research for Arashi Do and the BBCC.

Mr. Mike Yackulic starts actively pursuing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training and research for Arashi Do and the BBCC.

Mr. Steven Hart retires from the BBCC. The BBCC then proceeds with four members.


2004 – Mr. Mike Yackulic and Ms. Lynn Jennyc become the next to own an Arashi-Do School.

Mr. Mike Yackulic travels to Brazil to train Brazilian Jiu Jistu (BJJ) and explore an opportunity to partner with Behring Jiu Jitsu.


2005 – The Arashi-Do BBCC officially changes the name from Arashi-Do Karate to Arashi-Do Martial Arts.

Mr Gary Vig wins a silver medal at the WKA World Championship in Niagara Falls, Ontario.


Mr Gary Vig wins a gold medal at the WKA World Championships in Spain

Arashi-Do Martial Arts joins forces with the Canadian Ging Wu Martial Arts Association.

Mr. Chris Bonde receives Black Prajied in Muay Thai from the World Muay Thai Council (WMC) vice president Stephan Fox in Bangkok.

Mr. Gary Vig, and Mr. Mike Bonde receive their Fifth Degree Black Belts in Karate and Mr. Chris Bonde receives his Third Degree Black Belt in Karate.


Mr. Dean Forsyth retires from the BBCC. The BBCC then proceeds with three members.

Mr. Chris Bonde competes and wins the Canadian Modified Muay Thai Middleweight Title Belt.

Several new candidates for school ownership emerge and go through the qualifying process.


Mr. Gary Vig coaches two Jr. Black Belts from Arashi-Do to gold medals at the World Karate Association (WKA) World Championships in Ontario.

Mr. Trevor Clarke, Mr. Russell Dahms, Mr. Jason Bryant and Mr. Ken Sumner become the next to own Arashi-Do schools.


Mr. Chris Bonde receives his Fourth Degree Black Belt in Arashi-Do Karate.

Mr. Ryan Timoffee and Mr. Lane Binetruy and Ms. Rem Amparo become the next to own Arashi-Do schools.

Mr. Ken Sumner becomes Head Instructor/Owner of Arashi-Do Caroline.

The number of Arashi-Do Martial Arts schools reaches 20 with an active student count of over 1000.

Mr. Mike Yackulic achieves his Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Master Sylvio Behring.

Arashi-Do Martial Arts becomes an umbrella organization that recognizes, certifies, and maintains quality control on a wide variety of new Martial Arts programs introduced to the system.

Arashi-Do Franco-Behring BJJ and Lom Pa Yu Muay Thai were officially launched and the programs flourish.


Arashi-Do Martial Arts breaks a record number of students with over 1,500 and awards it’s 250th Black Belt in Karate.


Mr. Chris Bonde opens Arashi-Do Martial Arts in Leduc, Alberta, with Head Instructor Mr. Manuel Hernandez on June 6th


July 8, Mr. Mike Bonde starts Arashi-Do Martial Arts Drayton Valley, Alberta, with Head Instructor/Owner Mr. Ken Sumner.


Mr. Mike Yackulic becomes a partner in the BBCC. The BBCC proceeds with four members.



Since Mr. Vig and Mr. Bonde took over operations of Arashi-Do Karate Schools, they have attempted to pursue knowledge of the Martial Arts as well as keeping current in the fitness world. They have promoted hundreds of students to the Black Belt Level, ranging in age from 10 to 55 years old with exceptional physical skill, mental awareness and personal stability.

The ultimate goal of the founders of Arashi-Do Karate was to have a family of skilled martial artists that believe in the mission of Arashi-Do and will strive to not only uphold its beliefs but continue to expand and grow the organization into the future. The benefits of Martial Arts training are immeasurable. Arashi-Do is proud of its accomplishments but is far more proud of the people we have helped to become the great representatives they are today.